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Before the procedure


  • Take your time to read and get informed about the method. There are a lot of collegues around the world (in several languages) who have posted many documents, pictures and videos where you can get all the information you need.
  • Look at the video which has very nice and clear images to understand the importance of having an atlas in its right position.
  • Look for the Atlasprof® closest to you. When you come to the main page you can find the directory with all the professionals trained and certified by the AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland® AG, where safely and trustfully you can get your atlas adjusted.
  • Book a time preferably on a day you have a free afternoon, so you don’t need to worry in the case you feel tired as part of the immediate reactions.
  • Having reached its natural position, the atlas can never rotate again due to anatomic and mechanical reasons. However, you may need more than one session to get your Atlas in place, after that, you will have a following up session with additional support, essential for your self-healing process